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Treatment and management of pain

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This module raises awareness of the importance of individualised treatments, based on information gained from the comprehensive assessment. Better understand the importance of evaluating the effectiveness of treatment interventions.

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Suitable for people working in:

Residential Care , Acute Care , Community Care , Mixed

This module is part of the course:

The Pain puzzle

Treatment and management of pain

Treatment and management of pain


This module is has five sections:

  • 1
    Treatment of pain
    • In this section options for treating pain are presented.
  • 2
    Reflection activities
    • In this section you are prompted to think about the information presented in previous section.
  • 3
    The final piece of the puzzle
    • In this section the importannce of evaluating the effectiveness of treatment interventions is discussed.
  • 4
    Assessment questions
    • In this section you are asked to respond to a series of multiple choice questions which will be assessed.
  • 5
    Post course quiz
    • In this section you are asked to repeat the knowledge quiz to assist DTA to evaluate the Pain Puzzle course.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this module, participants will be able to:

  • describe how assessment information informs an individualised treatment plan
  • describe the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to pain assessment and management in residential aged care
  • understand the importance of ongoing evaluation of the effectiveness of the treatment plan

Continuing Professional Education

A completion certificate for CPD credit is awarded upon completion of this course.


Dementia Training Australia is supported by funding from the Australian Government under the Dementia and Aged Care Services Fund.


  • Dr Margaret Winbolt
  • Ms Christine While
  • Professor Andrew Robinson
  • Professor Elizabeth Beattie
  • Dr Andrew Stafford
  • Associate Professor Belinda Goodenough
  • Ms Angela Casey

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Course Coordinator

Course Coordinator

Margaret Winbolt

La Trobe University

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