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Type: Application
Supporting Aged Care Quality Standard: 5

DTA’s free BEAT-D App (Built Environment Assessment Tool – Dementia) will guide you through an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of buildings used to accommodate people with dementia.

Available for Android and iOS devices, the BEAT-D App provides you with the choice of using the Environmental Assessment Tool (EAT) designed for facilities where relatively mobile people with dementia live or the use of the Environmental Assessment Tool – Higher Care (EAT-HC) for buildings accommodating less mobile people with dementia.

You will be invited to take photographs of aspects of the building that illustrate important features of its design, both good and bad. These will be built into a comprehensive report that will enable you to see at a glance the areas that require improvement and to begin planning how to improve them.


Principles of Design

The report will be structured around ten principles of design that have been found to be important in the reduction of confusion, agitation and depression while improving way finding, social interaction and engagement with life. These principles are:

  1. Unobtrusively reduce risks
  2. Provide a human scale
  3. Allow people to see and be seen
  4. Manage levels of stimulation – Reduce unhelpful stimulation
  5. Manage levels of stimulation – Optimise helpful stimulation
  6. Support movement and engagement
  7. Create a familiar place
  8. Provide a variety of places to be alone or with others – In the unit
  9. Provide a variety of places to be alone or with others – In the community
  10. Design in response to vision for way of life


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