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Environmental Design Resources Handbook

Type: Handbook

This collection of resources can support those who wish to improve environments for people living with dementia. This handbook contains the full suite of resources that are utilised for DTA’s Environments Consultancy.

We introduce the reader to a systematic way of looking at the built environment and provide a number of tools that guide the user to an understanding of what needs to be changed, and how the change might be accomplished.

Within the suite of resources we provide information and background on the key design principles, plus assessment tools specific to residential, acute and indigenous settings. Also included is an updated handbook and tool on the systematic framework for reviewing public and commercial buildings.

This handbook consists of a suite of 7 resources. Access the individual resources below:

Full Handbook

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Combined Suite of Environmental Design Handbooks

The Environmental Design Resources Handbook is also available to download as one large file.

Full HandbookPDF | File size: 26.7 MB

Individual Resources

Resource 1

Introduction. Using The Built Environment To create comprehensible manageable and meaningful environments for people with dementia.

Handbook 1PDF | File size: 1 MB

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Resource 2

Applying the key design principles in environments for people with dementia.

Handbook 2PDF | File size: 5MB

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Resource 3

Environmental Assessment Tool (EAT) Handbook.

Handbook 3PDF | File size: 3MB

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Resource 4

Environmental Assessment Tool – Higher Care (EAT-HC) Handbook.

Handbook 4PDF | File size: 3MB

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Resource 5

Dementia Friendly Community – Environmental Assessment Tool (DFC-EAT)

Handbook 5PDF | File size: 2MB

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Resource 6

Indigenous Aged Care Design Guide.

Handbook 6PDF | File size: 5MB

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Resource 7

Environmental Assessment Tool – Acute Care (EAT-AC) Handbook.

Handbook 7PDF | File size: 6.6MB


Our free BEAT-D App (Built Environment Assessment Tool – Dementia) will guide you through an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of buildings used to accommodate people with dementia.

Download App File size: 17MB

Handbook File size: 1MB

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