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Quality use of medicines in dementia care App

Type: Application
Supporting Aged Care Quality Standard: 3

Key information about medication use in dementia care at your fingertips!

This App was developed using existing DTA ‘Quick reference cards’,  to assist residential aged care staff working with people living with dementia improve a number of aspects of medication use.

There are two sections. The first provides information relating to minimising use of antipsychotic medications for responsive behaviours, including medication support plans, monitoring and side effects.

The second section details medications that may adversely affect cognition, which may be useful when exploring reasons for changes in cognition in residents with dementia who are using these medications.

The information is presented in a straightforward, easy to navigate format to ensure its usefulness in all aged care environments. The content in the App includes suggestions and information only and any changes to medication or care should be undertaken in consultation with the client’s usual prescriber and healthcare team.

This resource may help your organisation meet the Aged Care Quality Standards:



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