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Changed behaviours associated with dementia utilising a stepwise patient centred approach to management

March 25, 2021
National Webinar


The webinar will provide GPs and health professionals with a structured approach to assessment of behaviours and their management.

This webinar will look at changed behaviours that may be associated with dementia. We will briefly discuss terminology and classification of these behaviours, before moving on to management. The webinar will provide GP’s and health professionals with a structured approach to assessment of behaviours and their management, including understanding the importance of patient-centred care as well as the concept of self-hood in developing strategies to alleviate distressing or challenging behaviours.
There will be a section on medications, including when and how to prescribe, review of other medications that may be exacerbating the situation, as well as discussion on deprescribing. The concept and use of case conferences with a multidisciplinary approach and liaison with collateral historians will also be discussed. Questions are welcome throughout the webinar.
    Learning Outcomes
  • Identify behaviour changes associated with Dementia
  • Implement a patient-centred approach to managing changed behaviour associated with dementia
  • Implement a multidisciplinary approach to the management of changed behaviour associated with dementia

Stephanie Daly 594x480
Dr Stephanie Daly (MBBS, BS, FRACGP)

GP Educator, DTA GP Education Team.

Dr Stephanie Daly is a specialist GP in Dementia. She is a fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners and has completed post graduate training in Dementia Studies at the University of Bradford in the UK.

Professor Dimity Pond (PhD, MBBS, BA, FRACGP)

Professor of General Practice

Professor Pond is Professor of General Practice at the University of Newcastle. She conducts research in the area of mental health and particularly dementia, focussing mainly on GP identification and management of this.

Dr Marita Long
Dr Marita Long (MBBS Hons, B.Med Sci., FRACGP, DCH, Cert S and RH)

GP Educator, DTA GP Education Team

Dr Marita Long graduated from the University of Tasmania in 2007 with first class honours.

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