Familiar Places

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Webinar 1 of 2 recorded on 10 March 2021

This webinar was the first in series of two, exploring how to make a residential aged care or retirement living building feel more familiar to the people who call it home.

This webinar introduced ways of supporting residents and staff to personalise indoor and outdoor spaces, and focus on specific day-to-day activities, such as having a richer dining experience. We focused on why a familiar environment is important, how we can create familiar indoor and outdoor environments, and how gardens can be set up to be more engaging spaces.

The other webinar in this series, “Familiar places – Bedrooms & Dining Areas” can be found HERE.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify key components of a familiar environment.
  • Introduce strategies to create more familiar spaces and gardens for people living with dementia
  • Reflect on the role of staff in creating familiar environments

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Kirsty Bennett

Kirsty brings a wealth of experience and expertise to this role. She is a practising architect, a UK Dementia Services Development Centre Design Associate, and Co-author ADI World Report on the Built Environment. Her knowledge from studying gerontology and being a voluntary caregiver offers insights which complement her architectural knowledge.

Tara Graham Cochrane

Environments Consultant
Tara specialises in the design of healing and therapeutic landscapes to support the health and wellbeing of people living with dementia. She is the Director of DesignWELL Landscape Architects, and the author of Gardens That Care: Planning Outdoor Environments for People with Dementia.

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