Familiar Places – Bedrooms and Dining Areas

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Webinar 2 of 2 recorded on 24 March 2021

This webinar was the second in series of two, exploring how to make a residential aged care or retirement living building feel more familiar to the people who call it home.

This webinar focuses on how we can support residents to personalise their bedroom and have a richer dining experience.

The other webinar in this series, “Familiar places” can be found HERE.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify key components of a familiar environment
  • Provide a series of approaches to creating a better dining experience
  • Reflect on the role of staff in supporting residents to personalise their bedroom

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Nick Seemann

Architect and Lead Environments Consultant
Nick is based in NSW and specialises in meaningful and enabling residential environments. His professional work has focused on supporting community organisations and social service providers with both new construction and refurbishment projects. Nick’s interest in designing housing to support older people and those with dementia began with his own experiences of seeing family members move into environments that were not supportive of their needs.

Tara Quirke

Environments Consultant
Based in QLD, Tara has seen how simple changes to an environment can reduce agitation, assist wayfinding and minimise distress.Tara has over 40 years’ experience as a Registered Nurse and has been the primary carer for two close relatives living with dementia. Tara has assisted in the design of an international award-winning unit and participated in research, such as the Dementia Enabling Environment project.

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