Knowledge Translation

The DTA approach to workforce training involves a learning pathway which both supports, and is supported by, a knowledge translation framework.

We describe the connection between ‘thinking and doing’ as a journey that will typically involve four general stages*: Awareness, Agreement, Adoption and Adherence.

We aim to encourage life-long learning and promote applied skills development – the primary vision being to put this training investment into practice.

About thinking

The Thinking phase includes the stages of Awareness and Agreement.

Hallmarks include:

  • becoming aware of new ways to deliver dementia care
  • understanding why these methods may be better
  • considering the relevance to personal or organisational
  • fostering a conviction for change

About doing

The Doing phase includes the stages of Adoption and Adherence.

Hallmarks include:

  • developing and committing to an action plan for change
  • implementing new ways to deliver care
  • evaluating change efforts
  • developing methods to sustain changes

These stages in the thinking to doing journey apply to individuals, and also to the organisations and systems in which those people work. The end goal is sustained best (or better) daily dementia care practices.

DTA uses this knowledge translation framework to guide the objectives and outcomes in a design of a learning pathway which offers a mix of training options. The framework also informs the routine feedback surveys for understanding impact outcomes.

*Further reading

The DTA knowledge translation framework is informed by the Awareness-to-Adherence Model (Pathman DE, Konrad TR, Freed GL,Freeman VA, Koch GG. The awareness-to-adherence model of the steps to clinical guideline compliance. The case of paediatric vaccine recommendations. Medical Care, 1996. 34(9): 873-89). Read more about the application of this model in dementia care, in an article on “Thinking and Doing” published in the Australian Journal of Dementia Care by the DTA Knowledge Translation Program.