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Consultancies Expression of Interest

[…] find training suitable for individuals Click here to complete form suitable for individuals Are you a decision-maker in your organisation?* Yes No Please be advised that our Consultancy Services require a decision-maker to be involved in future conversations with…

Result Type: page Published: 20 Apr 2022

Case Study – Medication Management Consultancy

DTA currently uses different terms for behaviour. We will be progressively moving to the term Changed Behaviour in all our content. Case Study – Medication Management Consultancy Case Study: Baptistcare Dryandra Embracing best practice and reducing the use of antipsychotic…

Result Type: page Published: 29 Nov 2019

Changed Behaviour Consultancy

DTA currently uses different terms for behaviour. We will be progressively moving to the term Changed Behaviour in all our content. Changed Behaviour Our consultancy service helps staff better understand the causes of changed behaviour (also known as BPSD –…

Result Type: page Published: 26 Nov 2019

Medication Management Consultancy

Medication Management DTA provides a consultancy service that assists residential care providers to ensure their use of antipsychotic medications aligns with recommended practice. About the service There is a growing awareness of the potential misuse of psychotropic medications, such as…

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Pain Management Consultancy

The Pain Management Consultancy helps residential care providers to recognise, assess, treat and evaluate pain in people living with dementia.

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Environments Consultancy

Our Environments Consultancy can help you create changes at your Organisation, big or small. Award Winning service, Learn more

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Reducing ineffective and dangerous medications

[…] barriers including limited staff knowledge, processes and commitment to change. Share Tags This is something we are working to address through the Dementia Training Australia (DTA) Medication Management Consultancy. The ultimate goal of the consultancy is to help reduce antipsychotic…

Result Type: article Published: 23 Oct 2018

DSA Referral

DSA Referral Dementia Support Australia (DSA) Consultants, please complete the following information to refer organisations for education. Not a DSA Consultant? Please submit a general enquiry instead or refer to our Help Section for common questions and answers.

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Leading the change in medication management

Kate Fulford and Andrew Stafford report on the findings from the first two years of the Dementia Training Australia Medication Management Consultancy

Result Type: article Published: 16 Dec 2019

About DTA

[…] about sustainable change, improving the wellbeing of people living with dementia and staff who care for them. Services available as part of a TTP include: Medication Management Consultancy Changed Behaviour Consultancy Pain Management Consultancy Environments Consultancy More about DTA…

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Training Needs Assessment

[…] will then extend to an assessment of the dementia-related knowledge and skills of a sample of the staff to be trained.  More types of support Medication management consultancy Ensure medication use at your Organisation aligns with current practice Pain…

Result Type: page Published: 20 Dec 2019

Webinar: Dementia Care: A Solutions-Oriented Discussion

Get ready for a candid deep dive into aged care workforce challenges during our Dementia Action Week webinar.  We’ll debunk the ‘one size fits all’ myth in training and explore the core competencies needed for dementia support beyond mere awareness.…

Result Type: resource Published: 25 Sep 2023

Rural and remote Australia

[…] and aged care staff on care of people living with dementia. Our online dementia courses, workshops and resources are accessed by a variety of people each year, Australia-wide. Environments consultancy Our award-winning Environments Consultancy has a team of specialists based in 5 Australian…

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Tailored Training Programs

DTA is taking Expressions of Interest for Tailored Training Programs and Consultancy Services Tailored Training Programs Dementia Training Australia partners with organisations who are looking for a comprehensive training program tailored to fit the unique needs of their staff and…

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Best Practice Interventions for Unmet Needs in Dementia

Overview Research indicates that more than 90 per cent of people who are living with dementia will experience responsive behaviours (or behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia, BPSD) at some point during the illness. This can include a range of…

Result Type: resource Published: 09 Jun 2021

Launch of a new design resource for hospital wards

Webinar – Wednesday 2 Dec 2020 For many people living with dementia hospital is a challenging setting due to the busy, unfamiliar and stressful nature of the environment.The Environments Team at Dementia Training Australia (DTA) has launched an addition to its…

Result Type: resource Published: 23 Dec 2020

Environments: Meaningful Engagement Outdoors

Webinar – Wednesday 18 Nov 2020 During the COVID-19 pandemic, many residents have had little contact with friends and family and have spent a lot of time within the boundaries set by a care environment. It has become even more important…

Result Type: resource Published: 08 Dec 2020