Tailored Training

We partner with organisations who are looking for a comprehensive training program tailored to fit the unique needs of their staff and organisation.

  • Identify your staff’s training needs
  • Choose from a tailored menu of training options
  • Working towards sustainable change

A TTP may help your organisation meet the Aged Care Quality Standards: Standards 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7

How TTP’s work

In 4 simple steps:


We help you to identify your staff training needs

We can conduct a Training Needs Analysis, a quick online survey of staff training needs as seen by managers, staff and, optionally, consumers.


We help you determine your training priorities

We create a summary of your training needs, then work with you to identify priorities areas.


We present you with a menu

We create a menu of training, courses, resources and services (including 3rd party suppliers) for you to select from to best meet your needs.


We work with you to develop a Service Agreement

The Service Agreement summarises your training priority areas, what we will deliver and how we will measure the impact of your training program.

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