Medication Management

DTA provides a consultancy service that assists residential care providers to ensure that their use of antipsychotic medications is aligned with recommended practice.

  • Make sure you meet current guidelines
  • Access up-to-date resources
  • Make supported, sustainable change
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The Medication Management Consultancy may help your organisation meet the Aged Care Quality Standards: Standard 3

This consultancy is offered as a component of a DTA Tailored Training Program.

medication management

About the service

There is a growing awareness of the potential over- and inappropriate use of psychotropic medications, such as antipsychotics and other sedatives, in older people, especially those with dementia.

The ultimate goal of the consultancy is to contribute to reducing the number of antipsychotic medications used to support people with responsive behaviours, ensuring that these medications are prescribed at the lowest possible dose for the shortest possible time.

What’s included


1 Benchmarking

before and after implementation to measure:

  • Staff knowledge about recommended use of antipsychotic and psychotropic medications for responsive behaviours.
  • Number of residents prescribed antipsychotic medications for responsive behaviours.

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2 Resources

to support appropriate use of antipsychotic medications for responsive behaviours

  • Online staff education.
  • Education for staff on how to use resources.
  • DTA reminder stickers, reference cards and reference poster.
  • Fact sheets for relatives and carers about antipsychotic medication use for responsive behaviours.
  • DTA Virtual Classroom Session focusing on Behaviour Assessment Plan / Behaviour Support Plan.

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3 Support

  • DTA consultant to support staff through the change process.
  • Development of a mechanism to ensure sustainability of changes at the workplace e.g. policy and procedure.

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