Environments Consultancy

Our award winning consultancy service can help you create a dementia-friendly environment.

  • Onsite Education
  • Training on how to use assessment tools
  • Support for creating changes, big or small

This service may help your organisation meet the Aged Care Quality Standards: Standard 1, Standard 5

A dementia-friendly environment is enjoyable and meaningful.

It takes into account a person’s lifestyle, background and interests, as well as being familiar and recognisable.

Environments Consultancy

About the service

We can discuss how to use an existing environment more effectively, plan a new facility or refurbish an existing one.

  • Expert team
  • Nation wide
  • We come to you

We provide onsite education, training on the use of environmental assessments. We also support staff and leadership to recognise and plan meaningful environmental changes. 

We work in acute, residential and community settings across Australia.

The service typically includes a detailed discussion of evidence-based dementia design principles, and an assessment of your facility or plan, with recommendations for improvement.

Meet the team

Nick Seemann
Architect and Lead Environments Consultant

Nick Seemann

Fallon Forbes
Environments Team Service Manager

Fallon Forbes

Terri Preece
Senior Environments Consultant

Terri Preece

Tara Graham-Cochrane
Environments Consultant

Tara Graham-Cochrane

Tara Quirke
Environments Consultant

Tara Quirke

Environmental Resources



Download this app to review your built environment according to PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN. A report will be generated immediately.

  • Dementia
  • Environments
Environmental Design Resources Handbook

Environmental Design Resources Handbook

This collection of resources can support those who wish to improve environments for people living with dementia. This handbook contains…

  • Dementia
  • Environments

10 Key design principles

These 10 principles are the culmination of more that 30 years of research and practice. They are the backbone of the Environments Consultancy Service.

standard 1

Unobtrusively reduce risk

standard 2

Provide a human scale

standard 3

Allow people to see and be seen

standard 4

Manage levels of Stimulation – Reduce unhelpful stimulation

standard 5

Manage levels of Stimulation – Optimise helpful stimulation

standard 6

Support movement and engagement

standard 7

Create a familiar place

standard 8

Provide a variety of places to be alone or with others – in the unit

standard 9

Provide a variety of places to be alone or with others – in the community

standard 10

Design in response to vision for way of life

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