29 Sep 2017

Tailored to fit: DTA Tailored Training Packages

doctors and nurses meeting dementia care 1

DTA will work with the organisation to put together a customised combination of recommended courses, services and resources to meet specific needs.

Dementia Training Australia (DTA) has been funded by the Australian Government to deliver a wide range of training opportunities to the aged and health care sectors.

The scale and breadth of these training opportunities is, in part, recognition of the need for customised training solutions in dementia care.

They include guest lectures, workshops, a three-day Dementia Essentials course leading to a VET accredited qualification, and a web portal that provides easy access to a huge amount of resources and e-learning courses.

These are benefiting many thousands of individual learners. But what about the organisation that recognises it needs to provide training as a team response to identified issues and has the desire to improve the care being delivered?

The organisation could access any of the courses and resources available to the public on the DTA website (www.dta.com.au) and use them to develop courses for their staff. Or, they could opt for a DTA Tailored Training Package (TTP).

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