17 Aug 2018

Getting the temperature just right

lady with dementia walking with frame adjust temperature settings

New research on the impact of temperature on people living with dementia, supervised by DTA Executive Director Richard Fleming and published in the Conversation.

Everyone knows how bad it feels when the temperature is uncomfortably hot or cold.

For most of us it doesn’t last long as we can take simple steps to get comfortable, such as putting on clothes, opening a window, or switching on a heater.

But what happens when you can’t control the temperature where you live? This problem is faced by many residents of aged care facilities, and can be particularly difficult for those living with dementia.

To find out how these residents cope we recently carried out a three-year research project on the effects of indoor environment in aged care facilities in south-eastern NSW. This was part of a broader program of University of Wollongong research on the impact of indoor environment on elderly people.

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The Conversation


1 August, 2018

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