17 Jan 2019 1 min read

Real and lasting change

Alice Ward sitting down on a chair

Dementia Training Australia helping create real and lasting change

Dementia Training Australia is helping aged care providers support older Australians to live meaningful lives through tailored education and change packages

Dementia Training Australia’s personalised education program combines environmental design and staff training to develop a package that provides lasting change within an aged care organisation.

DTA, which is a consortium of five universities from across Australia and consumers advocacy group Dementia Australia, has been funded be the Federal Government to provide dementia education and training across Australia since was established in 2016.

It is striving for sustainable change in the sector by working with organisations to create Tailored Training Packages (TTPs), which aim to improve the care and wellbeing of people living with dementia and the staff who are supporting them.

The packages are made up of courses, services and resources and involve DTA getting alongside aged care organisations to bring about sustainable change through knowledge translation and capacity building.

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