Training Needs Assessment

DTA assists organisations to understand their workforce training needs through a Training Needs Assessment (TNA) Service.

  • Easy to use web-based survey
  • Engage with your team
  • Receive a snapshot of perceptions

A TNA may help your organisation meet the Aged Care Quality Standards: Standard 4, Standard 6

This service may be offered as a component of a DTA Tailored Training Program following a consultation with a DTA representative.

About the service

We use the TNA survey to identify priorities and goals within an organisation.

  • understand your organisations training needs
  • build a training program tailored to you organisation
  • evaluation of the effectiveness of the training

We use the TNA survey to identify priorities and goals within an organisation. Based on our finding, we present you with a menu of education options which may include resources, courses and services (including those from 3rd party suppliers) to best meet your needs.

What’s included?

This service commences with a guided conversation exploring:

  • a range of factors known to contribute to delivery of high quality care
  • how training can assist in getting these right
  • organisational preferences, e.g. training modality, timing
  • If an agreement to provide training is reached, the TNA Service will then extend to an assessment of the dementia-related knowledge and skills of a sample of the staff to be trained. 

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