06 Sep 2021 2 min read

Dementia in Practice: Now we’re talking!

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GPs play a vital role in supporting local communities face up to all sorts of health challenges – they see and hear a lot. So have you ever wondered what GPs have to say about dementia, one of the key health issues of our time?

In Dementia in Practice, a new podcast series just released by Dementia Training Australia (DTA), general practitioners Hilton Koppe, Marita Long and Steph Daly share their professional and personal experiences with dementia.

Dementia in Practice is not your average podcast. It is created by GPs for GPs and anyone else who is interested in reducing stigma around dementia and improving the lives of people who live with the condition.

Your podcast hosts are all GPs and are members of DTA’s GP Clinical Education Group.

This new resource will help you better understand what dementia is, how to prevent it, diagnose it, manage it and live with it.

The five episodes released now are:               

Introducing Dementia in Practice: Drs Hilton Koppe, Marita Long and Steph Daly introduce the series and begin by sharing their professional and personal experiences with dementia.

Life with dementia: a first-hand account: Ann Pietsch talks to Dr Steph Daly about her experience of living with Lewy Body Dementia.

Healthy ageing and dementia: how to recognise the difference: Dr Marita Long chats to neurologist Dr Matthew Kirkcaldie from the Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre about mild cognitive impairment (MCI), and the GP team discuss the different causes of MCI.

Diagnosing dementia in general practice (part 1): The team discuss the challenges for GPs of diagnosing dementia and offer some simple diagnostic frameworks to help overcome those challenges.

Diagnosing dementia in general practice (part 2): The team talk about their experiences and the process of diagnosing dementia in general practice, including how to detect signs of dementia, taking a collaborative history and keeping the patient central to the process.

The short introduction is 6 minutes; all other episodes are 20-30 minutes in length. Four more episodes are planned for release over coming months.

The podcast has been produced by Kim Lester and studio engineering is by Derek Myers from Castaway Studios.

Episodes are available to access at https://dta.com.au/general-practitioners/#podcast

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