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Environments Fact Sheets

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We are about to repaint our facility, what colours should we pick?  What sort of furniture should we choose? How can we make our outside spaces more dementia friendly? What type of signage can help with wayfinding?

This series of fact sheets are aimed to address some frequently asked questions of DTA’s Environments Team. Each sheet will highlight key considerations and answer these common questions via the application of design principles.


Access to OutdoorsPDF | File size: 615 kB BedroomsPDF | File size: 631 kB Colour ContrastPDF | File size: 627 kB CorridorsPDF | File size: 622 kB FurniturePDF | File size: 640 kB SignagePDF | File size: 635 kB ToiletsPDF | File size: 647 kB

Access to Outdoors File size: 615 kB

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