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All of DTA’s content relates to dementia. The items listed focus on enhancing your general dementia knowledge.

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Changed Behaviour workshop

Building capacity in the aged care workforce to respond to Changed Behaviour in people living with dementia.
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Delirium, Dementia… What is the Difference?

A panel discussion webinar in recognition of World Delirium Day, to discuss the relationship between delirium and dementia and how it affects people living with dementia.

Online course

This course is designed to provide easily accessible dementia care education for Volunteers who are supporting people living with dementia or experiencing memory and thinking problems.

Online course

This online course is designed for first responders to gain a better understanding of dementia including common symptoms and how dementia affects the brain and behaviour.


Guest Lecture

An Evening with Michael Verde

Join DTA, for an evening with Michael Verde from Memory Bridge, and learn about his person-centred approach to ending the loneliness of people with dementia