Dementia Discovery

Dementia Discovery is designed to help those new to the workforce, who may have limited knowledge about dementia. It aims to increase knowledge about dementia with tips on ‘where to next’ for training and resources.

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Readings listed include Helpsheets by DTA consortium member, Dementia Australia.

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Section 1

Understanding the causes of dementia

Dementia is one word, but it describes a range of conditions that involve changes in the brain and a wide collection of possible symptoms.


Dementia Discovery: Understanding the brain and dementia

30 mins  Certificate of Completion

Using video and animation, this DTA short-course gives an introduction to the brain, as a foundation for understanding causes of dementia.

Section 2

Learn more about types of dementia

After completing the short-course “Dementia Discovery: Understanding dementia and the brain”, here are some additional short-courses to build your knowledge about specific types of dementia and potential underlying changes in the brain.

Section 3

Providing care and support

Empathy and a person-centred approach are key for supporting people living with dementia.


Dementia Discovery: Empathy Matters

30 mins  Certificate of Completion

Using video and animation, this DTA short-course gives an introduction to the concepts of empathy and person-centred care.


Dementia Discovery: Communication Matters

60 mins  Certificate of Completion

Communication skills are important for the workforce supporting people living with dementia.  This 1 hour module focuses on dementia related changes and principles to bear in mind for communicating with respect and dignity.


Responsive Behaviours Quick Reference Cards

DTA’s Responsive Behaviours Quick Reference Cards are designed as an on-the-spot point of reference, to remind or prompt interactions and raise points to consider.

Dementia Discovery provides a basic working knowledge about the brain, types of dementia, and principles of person-centred care and communication.

Section 4

Continue your dementia journey with foundational training

Skillful support for persons with dementia requires us to build on this knowledge with foundational learning on a range of topics – such as understanding the role of the environment, effects of medications, and changes in behaviour.

DTA offers a range of online courses that are:

Short dementia courses


Mobile device


Cost free

Cost free
for learners

Certificate of completion

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Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

Understanding Dementia
By: Wicking Dementia Research and Dementia Centre

Participants will gain an increased knowledge of dementia, including its causes, symptoms and ways of responding to the needs of people living with the condition.

Duration: 7 weeks
Delivered: Online Course
Cost: $0

Appreciating diversity

Younger Onset Dementia

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI)

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse peoples (CALD)


Dementia Australia has produced this short video on the link between dementia and the social causes of the health of homeless people.


  • DTA guest lecture recording: Supporting Veterans in aged and community care

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