Webinar: Anxiety and depression symposium

Type: Video 2 hrs 33 mins
Supporting Aged Care Quality Standard: 1 2 3 4


Webinar – Anxiety and depression symposium

The Anxiety and Depression in Dementia Research (ADDResearch) Network international symposium aims to bring together experts from diverse backgrounds (people with lived experience, clinicians and researchers) to present their perspectives, including the latest research from across the globe, focused on helping people living with dementia who experience depression and/ or anxiety.

An expert panel discussion with audience Q&A took place on Friday, 17 September 2021 to discuss where we need to focus research, clinical practice and policy development moving forward, including practical strategies that carers can use to help people living with dementia.

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Opening addresses: 0:00

Session 1 

  • Presenter 1: Gabriela Pacas Fronza 0:28:45
  • Presenter 2: Professor Viviana Wuthrich 0:40:18
  • Presenter 3: Dr Simone Reppermund 0:48:46

Session 2 

  • Presenter 4: Professor Nancy Pachana 1:00:30
  • Presenter 5: Professor Sherry Beaudreau 1:15:40
  • Presenter 6: Professor Sunil Bhar 1:28:12
  • Presenter 7: Professor Roseanne Dobkin 1:45:50

Expert panel: 02:07:49

Closing addresses: 02:20:00


Slides: Anxiety and depression symposium

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