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Many DTA training items touch on the topic of responsive behaviours (known clinically as BPSD). Tagged resources and courses focus on aspects of addressing and preventing these behaviours and mood disturbances in people with dementia.

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Changed Behaviour workshop

Building capacity in the aged care workforce to respond to Changed Behaviour in people living with dementia.

Online course

Delirium is a serious medical condition producing sudden and often severe changes in a person’s mental function. A person typically has difficulty thinking clearly, maintaining focus or attention, and may appear confused or disorientated. Delirium needs to be recognised early and managed promptly.

Online module

Appropriate use of Antipsychotics when Prescribed as a Restrictive Practice

In this module you will continue to work through the case study to illustrate a suggested approach for introducing, monitoring and withdrawing a regular antipsychotic.

Online module

Understanding the limited role of using antipsychotics

In this module you will be introduced to some DTA resources and a case study that suggests ways to support a person with dementia who is experiencing a responsive behaviour when non-pharmacological (non-medicine) strategies have proven unsuccessful.

Online course

Learn how to identify and address the issues related to wandering for people living with dementia in the community, and for their carers.

Online module

Wandering – case studies

Two case studies give you the chance to practise assessing wandering behaviour in a person living with dementia and developing a care plan based on the assessment and learnings from modules 1 and 2.

Online module

Assessments and interventions for wandering

This module focuses on wandering as a behavioural symptom of dementia. We explore assessment tools and interventions specific to this responsive behaviour.

Online module

Assessments and interventions for responsive behaviours

Understand wandering as a responsive behaviour. Learn about responsive behaviours, their causes, and gathering information that informs interventions to help a person living with dementia feel more comfortable and content.

Online module

Developing a management plan

Work through two case studies to develop an appropriate plan for managing a benzodiazepine and/or other sedative medication prescribed for a person living with dementia.