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Changed Behaviour workshop

Building capacity in the aged care workforce to respond to Changed Behaviour in people living with dementia.

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Delirium is a serious medical condition producing sudden and often severe changes in a person’s mental function. A person typically has difficulty thinking clearly, maintaining focus or attention, and may appear confused or disorientated. Delirium needs to be recognised early and managed promptly.

Online course

This course is designed to provide easily accessible dementia care education for Volunteers who are supporting people living with dementia or experiencing memory and thinking problems.

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Appropriate use of Antipsychotics when Prescribed as a Restrictive Practice

In this module you will continue to work through the case study to illustrate a suggested approach for introducing, monitoring and withdrawing a regular antipsychotic.

Online module

Understanding the limited role of using antipsychotics

In this module you will be introduced to some DTA resources and a case study that suggests ways to support a person with dementia who is experiencing a responsive behaviour when non-pharmacological (non-medicine) strategies have proven unsuccessful.

Online module

Identifying and collecting information

Introducing the key questions and practices that are part of a comprehensive behaviour assessment, with a focus on vocally disruptive behaviour (VDB).